Stijn Desmedt is my name and I'm a freelance Photographer/webdesigner.

Hi! I'm Stijn. I'm a freelance photographer and webdesigner living in Bruges, Belgium. I was born and raised in Brugge, where I got my start as a web enthousiast mostly intrested in digital arts. This new found love pushed me towards two areas that still keep me busy this day photography and webdesign but it also managed to get me intrested in other forms of art (painting, drawing well anything visual really)

Photography is a hobby for me but from time to time i take on bigger projects then just my own ideas and inspirations, Webdesign on the other hand is more of a work thing i try to keep those seperate.

Want to know more? Well i love Garfield and Dilbert they crack me up and my current music collection is filled with nu-jazz, electro swing, deep base, lounge and anything with a good beat to keep me going during cycling.

Still more you say?? well maybe you should head out to the contact page and drop me a line then and we can have a beer.